High stakes & higher standards inside Sandton's busiest canteens

We service many of the busy canteens of high performing companies - where hygiene is paramount for food preparation and stakes are high. We hold ourselves to even higher standards, but we think you should hear that from our valued clients and partners. Thetha Nathi is your long-term partner of choice in superior facilities management services.



Thetha Nathi is an organisation that prides itself not only on their work ethic but the calibre of staff that they employ. Since I have worked with them, I have had nothing but great experiences in terms of service and work ethic of the entire team.

From the senior leadership, down to the onsite team leader, the work ethic and enthusiasm is truly second to none.  The team expedites tasks with professionalism, quality and will always go the extra mile. Nothing is too much of an effort and every request is met with a smile and level of professionalism.

Thank you for the superior service you guys are always willing to deliver and thank you for your overall commitment to deliver the service to all staff within the building.

We worked with Mavis and Thetha Nathi on a cleaning services project during the past year. The company offers high quality cleaning and hygiene services - to the degree that we have always been satisfied with their work.

Thetha Nathi has met and in most instances exceeded their Service Level Agreement, what was pointed out in their surveys by employees is the quality and attention to detail that the company has. In our opinion it has been the knowledge and creativity of the company has resulted in such impressive results. Once again, I strongly recommend their services. 






Thetha Nathi been our leading subcontractor since 1 May 2014 and the repeat business they will be getting from our company will be mainly due to their ability to complete projects on time and within budget and with utmost adherence to Eskom’s very high safety standards.

We are extremely satisfied with Thetha Nathi’s work ethic and commitment to high standards and would recommend that Thetha Nathi be consulted wherever there is an opportunity.




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