Thetha Nathi is intent on creating aesthetically pleasing and robust landscape settings while encouraging biodiversity as much as possible. As part of our comprehensive facilities management offering, our landscaping and habitat management solution aims to ensure the flourishing of your existing landscapes through the healthy growth of trees, shrubs and grass areas through to maturity. We ensure the success of landscape maintenance and management operations- achieving clean, tidy conditions and appearance of all external areas. As much as possible we aim to encourage biodiversity and successful introduction of newly proposed habitats (pond areas, birds and bees). Enhancing your sites ecological value is our goal- by facilitating an efficient and sustainable management and maintenance regime which can be used as a mechanism for monitoring and reviewing the success of the landscape.

  • Ornamental planting (trees, shrubs etc.)

  • Draught resistance and sustainable maintenance practices

  • Hard landscape areas and footpaths
  • Cleaning and preparation of sites/habitats

Blue Hummingbird


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