Keeping it clean

At ThethaNathi we understand that a clean office environment is a key component to a modern, effective organisation. Hygiene is paramount to a company's brand persona and client perception - while playing a major role in employee health and wellbeing by directly influencing productivity through the prevention of absences from work.

ThethaNathi has more than 10 years' experience in facilities management throughout Gauteng and our dedicated team understands the nuances which come with various types of commercial spaces. We work across a range of company sizes and industries, having built deep expertise in the following areas:

  • General office cleaning including hygiene services and janitorial supplies

  • Building maintenance

  • Landscaping & habitat management

  • Waste management & recycling

  • Pest control

Choosing ThethaNathi means working with an NCCA (National Contract Cleaning Association) registered and ISO compliant partner- whose reliable and forward-thinking approach has earned the trust of all of our valued clients and partners.

Commitment to Excellence

We treat the opportunity to work with our clients with the utmost care, that's why we take continuous professional development & feedback seriously. Our teams undergo intensive training on soft and technical skills on a reoccurring basis - ensuring your facilities are not only receiving the highest service levels but that our presence is a value-add and a pleasure!

Sustainability is top of mind 

Commercial cleaning is undergoing positive change- driven by our clients' demand for greater social responsibility, eco-friendly products and a commitment to sustainability. We employ the latest sustainability and ecologically friendly practices to leave your environment better than we found it. From the products we use and how we run our business, to how we nurture the communities we affect. Our philosophy is in creating the future with every decision we make today.


Eliminating harmful chemicals (Volatile Organic Compounds/VOCs) is part of our strategy. It's not only beneficial to our environment & planet - but for all of us.


Water conservation is top of our agenda, that's why we're investing in low moisture practices to reduce the water intensiveness of our business practices.


We're incorporating new & sustainable ways to deal with waste - including incorporating recycling as a strategic pillar of our business & reducing the amount of plastic used in our operations.


We stay up to date with and test new technologies, eco-friendly products and green business practices which allow us to work more efficiently, sustainably and effectively.

What do our clients say?

"Thetha Nathi is an organisation that prides itself not only on their work ethic but the calibre of staff that they employ. Since I have worked with them, I have had nothing but great experiences in terms of service and work ethic of the entire team.

From the senior leadership, down to the onsite team leader, the work ethic and enthusiasm is truly second to none.  The team expedites tasks with professionalism, quality and will always go the extra mile. Nothing is too much of an effort and every request is met with a smile and level of professionalism.

Thank you for the superior service you guys are always willing to deliver and thank you for your overall commitment to deliver the service to all staff within the building."   

-Zubair Hansrod, Senior Facilities Manager, T-Systems

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